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How can structural drain lining reduce blocked drains?

| Gerry Rowe

Structural drain lining can restore the smooth flow of drain pipes without having to dig up the surface above.

Before the lining goes into the drain, the shape is restored to the drain by 're-rounding' it from the inside.

从manhol班轮可以插入或安装e to manhole (inspection chamber to inspect chamber). You end up with a much smoother pipe to make it more efficient, and it’s much stronger than before, strong as, if not stronger than PVC pipe. AND the best of it; hardly any, no disruption.

Putting a structural liner into the drain run seals the defective pipework, restoring its structural integrity. Structural lining can be as little as £90 per linear meter as a means of permanent repair. (There will be a minimum charge.)

If the pipe can be re-rounded and sealed with the liner, each end of the pipe will then have to be sealed as the water will find the ends of the liner and continued to enter

In most cases, the rounded pitch fibre pipes are lined to strengthen.

In the unlikely event, the pipe cannot be re-rounded, excavation will be arranged after a quotation.

Structural drain lining = less blocked drains.

This is an image of a damaged clay drain before and after repair by a structural liner.
This is an image of a damaged clay drain before and after repair by a structural liner.

The structural lining of a damaged drain is a “no-dig” method of repair and sealing of the pipework. The resin-based fibre liner is inserted into the damaged drain after being impregnated with the correct mixture of chemicals and then inflated by either air or water via an inner tube. Once the liner has hardened, the inner tube is removed and the liner is left in place as a permanent repair. One of the added benefits of a liner is that it creates a straight-through without any joins, so roots cannot penetrate and force the pipework to become displaced.

Structural liner into a pitch fibre drain requires a lot of preparation. The price will depend on the risk that has to be taken: under a building.

Whether clay pipes or pitch fibre pipes the benefits of structural drain lining are:

  • No disruption or ‘making good’.
  • No need to dig up the drive or the patio.
  • Often completed in the same day.
  • The cost is sometimes half of digging methods when you consider no replacing of patios and drives.
  • No mucking away the excess soil.
this is an image of the upheaval sometimes necessary when replacing drainage using digging methods.
this is an image of the upheaval sometimes necessary when replacing drainage using digging methods.

Structural lining certainly strengthens or renews the defective worn-out pitch fibre pipe, after re- rounding. It is, however, more commonly used on old clay pipe laid years ago. Completely removing the open joints; Given a smooth efficient pipe. The most prudent reason for the above recommendation is that if there is a breach in the structural integrity of the drains, such as dropped joints and cracks caused by root penetration of pipework, or ground movement, wastewater may escape. The escaping water can then wash away the surrounding supporting soil, creating a gap below, which the drain may then drop into, thereby opening any crack or joint further. This increases the volume of water escaping, which in turn increases the quantity of soil being washed away, thereby creating a vicious spiral. This is known as an undermining effect, and can cause further damage to the drain run downstream, and can damage any nearby structural foundations. The longer that an undermining effect is left to take place, the greater the damage it can cause.

If you think you may have very old pipework that you may never have even seen we can do a CCTV drain survey to check the condition of your drains and recommend any repair work that may be needed.

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